Tranzacta offers an innovative way of funding for small businesses that take credit and debit card payments. We provide business cash advances, We are committed to helping small businesses succeed. Unlike traditional banks, we believe that business owners should be able to get needed working capital quickly based on the strength of their business, not on their personal credit score. Many business owners don't have the time to go to traditional banks and deal with the hassles of getting a business loan. Tranzacta was started with the concept that access to working capital doesn't need to be complicated and stressful for business owners. We utilize new technologies to evaluate your business performance in real-time and to simplify the application experience. This allows us to approve more applicants in a shorter period of time and provide unsecured business cash advance within days, not weeks or months like conventional bank. As a responsible lender, we´re committed to help small businesses succeed financially to drive long term growth.


Solutions custom made for each and every client


1. Help small business owners to grow and succeed with their company

2. Provide businesses with needed funds as quickly as possible.

3. Make access to working capital easy for small businesses